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When body and mind work together, anything is possible. As a holistic health practitioner I’m trained to see the body mind connection and guide clients towards their goals. Whether you seek more work-life balance, want to overcome unhelpful habits, phobias or chronic pain, have weight or confidence issues, health challenges or other worries, I can help you overcome those blocks and make lasting and profound changes.

I combine a variety of modalities to help people achieve their full potential. If you are ready to make changes in your life and my website resonates with you, please contact me and we can work together to make this your best year yet.

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My story:

I’ve come a long way to get to this point in my life and holistic work has made a massive difference. I spent most of my life playing small and trying to fit in. I ignored my challenging past, ran away from my problems (literally: I’ve lived in 4 different countries!) and just tried to follow the crowd. I have two university degrees and worked in an academic environment for many years. Even though I loved it and still do when I occasionally go back to teach a few courses at uni, I always felt something was missing, a part of me wasn’t fully expressed, there must be more to life, my life anyway.

When I started getting health problems, I knew I had to make changes. Having always (secretly) been a spiritual person, I embarked on a journey to find healing. I attended workshops, courses, learnt more about Psychology, holistic work, the body mind connection and I travelled around Thailand and other countries. I tried out pretty much all alternative therapies I could find. I started making peace with my past, faced my problems and unexpressed emotions and became a new person in the process. The inner transformation was so profound that I decided to dedicate my life to help others overcome their challenges and lead a more fulfilling life. I trained in the therapies that made most a difference in my life and have since worked with clients from all over the world. I’m still in awe at how quickly those modalities work and the changes are truly remarkable.

I’ve got a background in teaching and used to teach study skills at university level. I’ve co-authored a book with Carol Vorderman on the subject. I wrote 3 chapters in that book including the one on how to handle anxiety as I’m also a qualified Psychotherapist.

If you feel you’ve got a lot of potential, need to overcome challenges and need some guidance to unlock your best self to have a more fulfilling life, then you’ve come to the right place. I look forward to working with you and helping you shine.

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About me with EFT

I’ve been a qualified EFT practitioner since 2007. I started practising right away and saw some impressive improvements both in myself and the people that I treated.

For example, one person came to me with a bad migraine. Initially the intensity was at an 8 (out of 10) yet we managed to get the pain level down to a 2 in just one session. In a follow-up treatment we discovered some of roots that caused the migraine and worked on these. Two months later the client contacted me and reported to not have had any more migraine attacks since the treatment.

Another person came to see me with a food addiction, chocolate in particular. During the first couple of sessions we found the core issue which triggered the cravings and we worked on those. After a series of three treatments, we had cleared the emotional reasons behind the comfort eating habit which helped the client to overcome her addiction and to lose weight.

In early 2013 I retrained in EFT with the aim to learn about latest developments since 2007 and to become a professional therapist. At the same time I qualified as a Matrix Reimprinting (MR) practitioner. The latter deals with negative beliefs or programs that were acquired in early childhood and that still run in our subconscious mind. These ‘imprints’ are often misconceptions, traumas or negative images we encountered while growing up; most of them were formed by the age of 6. As long as we have negative beliefs active, they influence us on a subconscious level, as they act as a form of ‘filter’. MR can help discover these beliefs and release the blockages related to them. A positive image, thought or event can be used to substitute the negative image or belief from the past and help create a more positive outlook of life.

MR is especially beneficial for trauma resolution, bothersome memories, addictions and compulsive behaviours, the feeling of ‘being stuck’ in a particular situation or for negative repetitive patterns, such as relationship issues or self-sabotage.

A combination of EFT and MR can be used in a session, depending on the client and the issue they’d like to work on. During a treatment the client is conscious at all times and in control of everything that happens.

In early 2014 I completed EFT Level 3 and am now a qualified Advanced EFT Practitioner, in 2016 I also became an EFT trainer.

If you’re unsure whether EFT and/or MR can help you or you’d like any further information, please contact me by filling in the contact form or email: Sandyinbrighton@gmail.com

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