“I am so grateful to have met Sandy.  I have found my sessions with her to be so valuable for the maintenance of my mental health. Suffering from depression and anxiety, I found the combination of techniques from EFT to reiki have been amazing.  Sandy, has a brilliant approach which is calming, kind, understanding and most of all good humoured – as well as professional.  She explains the techniques thoroughly, using excellent examples which really appeals to me. I have had several ‘wow’ moments in sessions which have led to better clarity.  I cannot recommend Sandy enough, she is a brilliant therapist and I count myself lucky to be one of her clients! Thank you Sandy for the grounding, clarity and positive energy!”

I am really happy to have worked with Sandy. What I particularly liked is that it felt to me that she respectfully and gently guides you through the process with great care for you and your input as a client. She makes you feel safe and at the same time she constantly checks in with pinpoint questions and this way makes sure you keep focused and work on the right things.”

“I attended a workshop run by Sandy which was aimed at helping physical pain by calming the mind. I went along because a friend who teaches at the same centre told me she was hearing good things about Sandy’s workshops.I had a car accident years ago and have had low level back issues ever since. Sometimes it flares up and I become anxious when I look ahead and wonder what life will be like if I’m unable to function normally. Ironically anxiety causes tension and inflammation, so the more I worry the more it hurts. I’ve tried many different techniques, and many have helped a bit. I’m always happy to try new ones, and Emotional Freedom Technique was completely new. I took to it like a duck to water! The workshop was so relaxed and we smiled and even laughed quite a lot which is not always the case where learning something new. The technique of tapping just felt very natural, and we were led through the whole thing with care and gentleness. I felt great when I left, and most of all, I felt hopeful. I could have left it there but I had other things that I thought EFT might help with so I saw Sandy several times after the session. I won’t go into details but I can truthfully say it shifted things in my life very much for the better. I recommended Sandy to several friends, all of whom had different issues. Every one of them gave me flowers or bought me a present for the introduction. (Thats not why I did it just to get flowers).So I can hand on heart recommend the workshops, and am so glad that I found Sandy.”

“I had never tried tapping before and I wasn’t completely sure what it was. It is a very relaxing way of moving energy around the body by tapping on meridian points. I am really glad I tried it to help with my anxiety. Sandy was brilliant and put me at complete ease. The session has had an immediate effect on my anxiety levels and I am now looking forward to the future. I would definitely recommend Sandy to anyone suffering with anxiety.”

“Sandy has the unique combination of stillness with awareness, and a very gentle presence, she is both respectful and utterly non-judgemental. Her integrity shines through, so you feel at peace in safe, calm hands. Her array of tools are combined thoughtfully. I am greatly looking forward to my next session of reiki, an oasis of calm that Sandy joyfully shares.”

“Before I went to see Sandy for a session I had never had any hypnotherapy before and to be honest I was a little skeptical, cynical and nervous about the idea of it, but ultimately I had an issue that I wanted to try and work on and hopefully begin to resolve so I thought I would give it a chance as Sandy was recommended to me by a friend. On first meeting I found Sandy to be very warm and open explaining everything to me and answering all of my questions. She is very easy to talk to and it was a relief to feel that I could talk about my particular issue so freely with someone free of judgement, but giving advice from a neutral perspective and intently listening to my story.
For me the visualisation exercise that Sandy guided me through was very powerful, emotional and ultimately effective. Since the treatment I have felt calmer, more balanced in my emotions, less stressed and generally better in my self. Obviously there is more work to be done and I was very open and free in the session, but ultimately Sandy’s calm manner, professional attitude coupled with a genuine empathy and kindness was key to the success of our session. I will definitely see her again and recommend her as a practitioner.”

“I consider myself very lucky to have Sandy as my therapist. She is very talented in what she does and i am very happy with her work. She worked with me on different issues like emotional distress, abundance, mental and emotional blockages and she also provided great guidance for improving my life. She has a big heart, warm eyes and a sweet voice, just being in her presence will make you feel better. I want to recommend her to anyone who is suffering from any physical/mental/emotional and/or spiritual discomfort. I think it takes her just a few sessions to change your life due to her healing gifts. I am very grateful to Sandy for the positive effect she made in my life and i hope many more will experience a positive effect after working with her. Thank you Sandy for who you are and what you do.”

“I have loved my sessions with Sandy! I will always remember my very first EFT session where Sandy was so gentle, warm and caring. This allowed me to feel totally safe and able to express my emotions, then work through my issues with greater ease and focus. She has wonderful insight and I would always be happy to go to her for help with both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Thank you so much, Sandy!”

“I highly recommend Sandy as an EFT practitioner. I did a one-on-one EFT session with Sandy. I found her safe, compassionate, knowledgeable, and healing. If you haven’t experienced EFT, Sandy is the ideal practitioner to work with to transform whatever blocks need healing or release. Thank you Sandy for your brilliance!”
A. Goncalves

“I have been extremely privileged to have been able to work alongside and also see Sandy working as a Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist. And to quote one of her clients who once said to me     “She’s so lovely, so authentic and genuine. She’s coming from such a genuine caring place”. This client feedback, completely characterises Sandy. She is so authentic and it’s completely innate in her to want to help and guide people in their journey.
Her ability to reframe and help the clients’ see things from a new positive viewpoint is amazing, enabling them to completely change the way they look at things.

She has a great ability for being able to combine her EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. To be able to put it all together to personalise the session specifically for the client and for their needs.
She has a unique ability to be able to see each person as an individual, the best version of themselves and then guide them and hold them in that place until they believe that for themselves.I couldn’t ask or want for anyone better to go to and see when faced with one of life’s challenges. You will be warmly greeted by one of life’s Angels.”

“I’ve attended a number of Sandy’s workshops in the past and always found them to be extremely inspiring, insightful and informative. Her methods are very well explained and easy to use whilst Sandy’s outstanding positive teaching approach and delivery, aided my confidence issues massively as did her comforting attitude. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with difficult issues in their lives and would like to thank her again for her natural support and wisdom.”

“I can’t believe how well and how quickly this EFT worked for my life partner’s claustrophobia. She’s always had mild claustrophobia, but after an unfortunate incident a few years ago when I accidentally locked her in the car at a petrol station, her mild claustrophobia became much more intense. The car could be unlocked easily from the inside, but even though we had it for several years, she didn’t know how to unlock it, and had a panic attack. After that, she was unable to ride in the rear seat of any car more than a few minutes, and while she could manage a flight of several hours, she had to sit in an aisle seat and still felt uneasy. And she couldn’t use a lift alone.
After just two EFT sessions with Sandy, that’s all in the past. While her claustrophobia obviously isn’t entirely gone yet (it’s only been two sessions so far with another two to come) it’s much more manageable compared to before the car incident. During a recent trip to Cornwall (from Brighton) with friends, she spent the entire driving time in the back seat with no problem which was impossible before the EFT session. Also on our holiday in Spain last week, she had no problem sitting in a window seat for the entire flight, which before would have made her very uncomfortable. During that holiday, we even tried locking her in the rental car, and she managed to calmly unlock it and let herself out without panicking. And she now manages to use lifts alone, though she sometimes still feels a bit uneasy which will be addressed in the next session. The two sessions so far have certainly made a big difference.”

“I’ve been to one of Sandy’s ‘Weight Loss’ workshops and found her approach very unique, fascinating and engaging. We worked on cravings and even though I don’t understand how this works but I actually lost my appetite for the chocolate in my hand after the tapping and did not touch any for several weeks. It was like magic! She then explained the connection between weight and emotions and how stress can prevent us from losing weight. It all made perfect sense yet I had never thought about it that way. I decided to continue with 1-2-1 sessions and discovered how my beliefs and resistance, I didn’t even know I had, had sabotaged previous attempts to get healthier and slimmer. I loved that Sandy gave me weekly tapping homework and I’m still using this magic tool to this day. I’ve lost almost 2 stone what seemed effortlessly. I do recommend Sandy. She’s a warm and open person with no judgement and full of inspiration. Thank you for being such a wonderful therapist and teacher.”

“Sandy used EFT to address an issue that was concerning me. Although I was sceptical at first, Sandy made me feel relaxed and confident to talk about it and try to confront my issue. The session definitely helped and I look forward to experiencing EFT again.”

“About a year ago I suffered from a strong back pain. My profession as being a chef in a restaurant requires physical work and standing for long hours. The tensions and pain were the worst I had ever experienced in my life. Sandy, who is a Reiki Master offered to help me. At first I was sceptical. Being on painkillers seemed more logical than using healing energy.
Then I decided to give it a go and try Reiki and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From the minute this session started, I felt I was in the presence of a very special person.
The amount of relaxation she created through her hands was amazing. After an hour treatment I was almost pain free. I continued with the treatments and am now back to work without pain.
I have since recommended Sandy to all my friends. I think she was God sent to my life and I will be forever grateful to her. I believe she is a natural born healer.”

“I went to see Sandy for an EFT session because I had injured myself at a Go-Karting event.
This resulted in 2 cracked/broken ribs and eve with pain killers I was in a lot of pain, and could not breathe or move well. Being from a science background I was unsure if Sandy could help me but the pain meant I would try anything. Sandy listened to me and then clearly explained the EFT process and the tapping points.
We then focused on the pain and emotions triggered by the pain such as feeling useless because I couldn’t move or continue my running regime. Each iteration ended up lessening the intensity of the pain and I left the session nearly pain free. I managed to do the 20 minute walk home at a reasonable pace, breathing freely without any discomfort at all. Sandy was professional, friendly and helpful. You couldn’t ask for more from a practitioner.”


“I recently did an EFT session with Sandy to aid my self confidence for an upcoming teaching course I doubted myself succeeding with, and was amazed how she was able to not only relax me and restore my confidence but also unlock my inner potential I barely realised I had before. In particular, before my first lesson, I was in a state of anxiety and nerves (having never taught before) yet Sandy was able to effectively use her skills to locate and cure the physical discomfort (sickness) I was experiencing, whilst in the following session, tapping into my own self belief and in effect bringing out the best in me just when I needed it. Needless to say, my first lesson was an absolute eye opener for me for my potential (and not just for teaching) and since this lesson, I have been able to complete another five lessons worry free and am now a certified English language teacher, in no small part due to Sandy’s wonderful techniques, guidance and support. She was also an extremely warm-hearted, compassionate, inspiring and of course very professional therapist who I would heartily recommend for anyone with personal issues or those going through difficult times who would like to try something fresh and unique (and incredibly effective!) to conventional methods such as counselling. Thanks a million!”

 “I came to see Sandy when I was going through a rough time at work. Sandy really listened to what was going on for me and gave me techniques to help me cope with my work situation. I was not ready to make a change when I first saw Sandy.  She walked by my side and respected that I was not ready to make a change. By the third session, I was ready. Sandy worked with me to define a future me, future job aspirations and differences I would experience being in a more fulfilling and happy role. I haven’t looked back since. Sandy, thank you so much for helping me through this rough time and allowing me to see the light!”

“I found Sandy to be gentle, kind and very effective in the sessions that I had with her.  She really listened to what I was saying and helped me to find new more positive ways of looking at situations which were causing me some anxiety.  I felt genuinely uplifted and calmer and this new way of feeling has stayed with me.  Thank you Sandy, you have made a huge difference in my life in such a short space of time!”

“When I first met Sandy I was at a crossroads in my life and felt like I lacked the motivation to move forward. After my first meeting with Sandy I felt really focused, she helped me realise what my goal was and clarified how I was going to achieve it. I cant thank her enough, since our sessions I have gone from strength to strength and I now have the confidence and clear vision to move forward and stay focused on attaining my future goal. I am so much more positive and enthusiastic, she helped me realise my dreams. I would like to thank you Sandy for your warmth, kindness, compassion and understanding. I appreciate your help more than I can say.”

I booked a session with Sandy to deal with some unforeseen life changes. I had never done any counselling or EFT before but Sandy made me feel really at ease. She’s very warm, open and reassuring. She helped me gain a new perspective on the situation that was bothering me and with the tapping and breathing I managed to relax and let go of the anxiety I had around the issue. I was amazed how quickly this was resolved and couldn’t believe how different I felt after just one session. Thank you, Sandy.”