What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also called ‘tapping‘ is a modern therapy that helps people deal with emotional issues. Many have learnt to repress their negative emotions, swallowing them and smiling, pretending everything is okay. Yet emotions are ‘energy in motion’ and not expressing them can lead to blocks in our energy system which can then cause additional challenges. EFT is a safe way to deal with and release negative emotions. By clearing these, we feel empowered, relaxed and positive. As a result we can think more clearly, make positive changes and live a more fulfilling life.

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EFT uses the meridian system of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves tapping on various meridian (or acupuncture) points on the body while focusing on and expressing a particular feeling in order to reduce its intensity. It is a powerful technique which can provide relief for most emotional issues and even physical pain that’s based on emotional blocks. Often, locked or unexpressed emotions create physical symptoms. EFT helps reduce and release those blocks. By cutting negative emotional ties, clients are able to move on and create more positive experiences.

meridian points

What can be treated with EFT?

I help people with a wide variety of challenges, such as weight and confidence issuesfinancial worries or health challenges to realise what their hidden barriers and/or emotional blocks are that are holding them back. We then work on overcoming and releasing negative ties, which usually reveal some powerful life lessons and create cognitive shifts. This leads us to moving on from the past with the ability to focus on a better future and make and create lasting and profound changes.

The combination of tapping specific meridian points (see diagram below) while exploring the underlying emotions of a problem and verbalising a variety of associated statements, has proven to be very effective for a number of issues such as:
releasing stress, anxiety or chronic pain, overcoming depression and cravings, letting go of addictions, fears and phobias, increasing self-esteem, dealing with grief and  anger, improve public speaking performances, etc.


What happens in a session?

Client and practitioner sit opposite each other (fully clothed). After establishing a mutually agreed goal for the session, the practitioner leads the client through the tapping procedure. The therapist asks a series of questions to identify the root of the problem and helps the client connect with their emotions in a safe way.  Clients normally tap on themselves, they mirror the practitioner and repeat the statements suggested. The language used comes from the client and is therefore specific and relevant. Each session is goal-orientated and progress is measured repeatedly throughout to ensure maximum benefit. Releasing emotions through tapping has a very calming effect on the body. Clients usually feel lighter, more relaxed and/or uplifted afterwards. Some people experience a burst of energy and inspiration while others might feel a bit tired or as if a big weight has been lifted off their shoulders. To visit my profile at one of the Brighton clinics where I work click here, or here for the clinic in Eastbourne or to see my practitioner profile at the official Matrix Reimprinting website click here.

When body and mind work together, powerful results can be gained.

EFT tapping points

Below is a diagram with the main tapping points for your information. There is nothing you need to know or prepare before a session. I will take you through the procedure, explain each step and help you gain valuable insights.

tapping points       EFT tapping       tapping2

EFT on the BBC
Here is a case study that was reported on the BBC a few years ago.

About me & EFT

I’ve been a qualified EFT practitioner since 2007

More details on my training and experience can be found on the About me page.

In early 2014 I completed EFT Level 3 and am now a qualified Advanced EFT Practitioner, in 2016 I also became an EFT trainer.

If you’re unsure whether EFT can help you or you’d like any further information, please contact me by filling in the contact form or email: Sandy@emotionalbalance.co.uk or Sandy@bodymindhealing.co.uk

To see testimonials of some of my clients, click here.


Cost / energy exchange

EFT in person session in Eastbourne:  1 session £90
(I work in two clinics in central Eastbourne, East Sussex)

EFT online session via Skype or Zoom:     £90 (to be paid in advance via paypal or bank transfer)

Discounts are available if a series of 3 sessions are booked and paid in advance or at the end of the first session:

3 sessions £240 if paid in advance (you save £30) online or in Eastbourne

Please note that for all sessions I have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so if you’d like to reschedule an appointment, please let me know well in advance otherwise you might be charged a cancellation fee. Thank you. 

Sessions that are part of a package need to be taken within 3 months starting from the date of the first session and need to be about the same issue.

To find out more about the 15min free consultation and what happens in a session, please see FAQs.

Sessions are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Individual outcomes may vary. I help people manage and reduce symptoms and feelings related to mental health conditions, yet I do not claim that I heal or cure.