Merry Christmas everyone

This time of the year is about looking back and be grateful for all the precious moments, memories and experiences we’ve had this year. For me, the biggest highlight this year has been the arrival of our lovely, amazing, beautiful rescue dog Charly. I’m grateful every single day for having the opportunity to give and receive love, to have this special connection and how he makes us smille, giggle or just feel this overflow of love and appreciation.

I know not everyone has had a great year and perhaps this is also the time to come to terms with what happened, make time and space to process unpleasant, sad or challenging events and get back into balance. Perhaps it might be a good idea to schedule time to write about what happened, to do some breathing, tapping, art or any other way to express emotions in a safe way. We can’t swallow and pretent we’re ok forever. We’d just end up like a pressure cooker without a valve. So, if you’ve faced challenges this year, please make time to look after yourself and find a way to let out a tiny bit of all the built-up feelings over a number of days and weeks. For example, you could schedule times, even just 15-20 minutes, where you consciously focus on dealing with things. Some people like to make a list beforehand with different options, so that you can choose in that moment what you feel is appropriate. This list could include anything from writing about what happened, making a phone call, brainstorming solutions, making a special memory box, writing a letter, clear out a corner or whatever feels helpful. Remember, self-care is not selfish, neither is asking for help or showing your vulnerability.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers, supporters and clients. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to help and inspire you. Sending everyone lots of love, hope, healing and happiness.
Take care and stay safe.
Sandy xx

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